Iúil 23, 2003

Hasil tes EMODA

bina, your personality is shaped by your Social nature.
Your social skills make it easy for you to jump in and take action, whether the situation involves interacting with other people or just cutting through the clutter to get something done. You probably tend to be outgoing and expressive, and you love being in the company of others for most activities.

But that's just the beginning of what this projective personality test can tell you. The pictures you saw in the test are ambiguous � they don't inherently represent anything on their own. But they elicited responses from you nonetheless.

Your impressions of what the images mean, or the characteristics they possess, is one of the most reliable ways to determine aspects of your personality.

Stop the presses -- you're a Paperback!
Who wants to hide behind a thick cover? Most of the time you prefer to express yourself and tell people just how you feel. That's not to say that everything is open material. Your answers indicate that some chapters are off-limits. Maybe you'll open up to some close acquaintances -- but other feelings stay wrapped up tight among your emotional private papers. People with similar scores are generally sociable, warm, and dependable. But they also clearly acknowledge some room for improvement in their personal relationships.



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